Clear aligners

Last a lifetime! That’s what we all want for our teeth, and that’s why Dr. Mann continues to invest in new diagnostic technology. We no longer have to rely solely on x-rays to ensure that your teeth are healthy. The latest innovation is a device called the Canary System, and we’re one of the first dental offices in this area to have it. The Canary enables us to identify early stage lesions even before they’re visible on an x-ray. Early detection means less invasive and less expensive treatment. The Canary is simple to use, pain free, and does not require radiation…and just takes a few minutes to use. With the aid of an innovative device called the Canary System, Dr. Name is now able to identify cracks and decay at a much earlier stage, well before they cause you pain or inconvenience. By addressing these concerns early, you can avoid potentially costly and extensive dental procedures. On your next visit, ask us to show you how the Canary can help keep your teeth healthy.